If you've previously contacted our Customer Care Team and are not happy with the resulting outcome, please submit a formal complaint to ensure your concerns are escalated to the highest level of authority at Titan Gas and Power. That's right, the man. El Jefe. We have a zero tolerance for unacceptable service and if it happens, rare as a solar eclipse :-), we want to know about it.

Take these steps to file a complaint:


If your account matter was not resolved to your satisfaction, please email us immediately at CustomerConcerns@TitanGasAndPower.com. Your account matter will be escalated to the executuve management of Titan Gas and Power.


Upon receipt of your email, if it is during normal business hours, management will acknowledge your inquiry. We will be all over it in an effort to bring you to a satisfied outcome within three working days. If, within three working days, we've not provided you with a proposed resolution, you should expect regular communication from us with status updates. Our internal standard is that an Executive Management complaint is resolved in less than 7 working days, or someone's in trouble.


In our proposed resolution to you, you can expect a detailed account of the history of the account per Titan's systems, the steps we are taking to make things right and, compensation where appropriate. Please note all proposals are evaluated and approved by Executuve Management prior to submission to you.


Upon final delivery of your proposed resolution, we will follow-up as necessary to ensure that you satisfied with the outcome of your escalation.