Mommy and Daddy Made Me Do It

February 1, 2018
Written By: Walda Woods

Yup, he’s definitely scared.

Yet so nimble! Turning on a dime to run for the hills and never losing his footing. Poor little guy.

There’s a kid who’s looking at years of intense therapy when he gets older. “You see, doctor, my parents used to think it was hilarious to scare the bejesus out of me when I was just a toddler. Took me years to potty-train because of it.”

Why do we subject our kids to these activities? -Apparently for our own entertainment value. Face it – we must be leading drab, dull lives if we have to stoop to using our children as mini court jesters.

Take Halloween. Let’s talk about that for a minute. Face it – at six months old, the kid has no idea what’s going on and yet parents still insist on dressing them up as a zucchini squash, cartoon characters, vegetables, inanimate objects – whatever’s trending at the time.

It’s looking people directly in the eye. Asking them how they are and meaning it. Asking them if there’s anything we can do for them. Being sincerely concerned about what’s going on around us. And being so thankful for what we have, that we feel the need to give back in some way.

Come on, people, you know you’re only doing it for the gratification of showing them off to everyone in the free world, who, by the way, don’t care a tiddly-tad about your kid.

They don’t think he’s cute, they don’t think his costume is clever and they can’t think of anything cunning enough to say to get y’all off their front porch.

And then, there’s the yearly dose of dread when we take the kiddies to see the Easter bunny at the mall.

Ok, have you even seen some of these rabbits?

Who out there thinks these “bunnies” are even ALMOST okay? I guess some parents get a kick out of paralyzing their children with… fear? Now there’s a reason for therapy, folks.

Kidding aside, let’s face it -- we love our kids more than anything.

But we also love the fun and frolic we can have at their expense.

As long as it’s not illegal, immoral or unsafe, I guess we’re good.

And there ain’t a one among us who doesn’t spend a few minutes every now and then thinking up ways to make their children cause them to spasm into fits of laughter.

Walda Woods

Walda Woods spent many years in the corporate world as a mid-level executive in the telecommunications and deregulated energy arenas. She now spends her time as a freelance writer and editor. Originally from Boston, MA, she currently lives in Topeka, KS to be near her family. Her unique blend of personality, humor and values is sprinkled throughout her writings and keeps her audiences coming back for more.

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