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Areas We Serve

Titan Gas and Power is licensed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to supply natural gas and electricity services.  Titan's Pennsylvania electricity license is A- 2016-2530633 and our natural gas license number is A-208-2054272.  Titan is also licensed in Ohio by the PUCO to serve both electricity and natural gas customers. Titan's Ohio gas license is 15-485G and our electricity license is 13-700E.  Titan also serves natural gas supply to residential and commercial customers in the state of New York in National Grid Long Island's territory.

Soon we will be expanding into new markets including Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Texas.

  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • *D.C.
  • *Massachusetts
  • *Maryland
  • *Illinois
  • *Rhode Island
  • *Delaware
  • New York

*Look for us in these states soon.

About Deregulation

Traditionally, natural gas and electricity was supplied and delivered exclusively through the local utility companies. Deregulation removed this monopoly and gave people the ability to shop for energy suppliers just as with any product on the open marketplace. Customers can now choose a supplier based on their unique needs. Titan Gas and Power leverages its energy-market expertise to buy natural gas and electricity on your behalf. While there is no guarantee retail-energy pricing will provide a savings, Titan Gas and Power pricing will typically provide a significant savings over the local utility rates.