From Head-Cracking Cell Phones To Community Giving

February 6, 2018
Written By: Walda Woods

In this age of technology, we seem to be moving further and further away from direct contact and social personalization.

We swipe through our cell phones with our heads hung low as we stroll through our day in a texting haze. Consequently, we are also visiting the ER more often due to stumbling down stairs, into walls, doors, sign-posts, swimming pools, moving vehicles... Wait, What?

To this I say, we need to get back to basics – back to what’s real. We need to stop this head-cracking activity, or we’ll soon be required to wear helmets while simply walking down the street.

Yeah, that’s what I meant.

So, what is real and basic?

It’s looking people directly in the eye. Asking them how they are and meaning it. Asking them if there’s anything we can do for them. Being sincerely concerned about what’s going on around us. And being so thankful for what we have, that we feel the need to give back in some way.


Because we feel needed when we do something nice for someone and that helps our self-respect. Giving back also reminds us that everything is relative. Just when we think we’re living in total scarcity, we always find someone who has even less.

I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet
-Mahatma Gandhi.

Although monetary donations are always welcomed by charities, you don’t need to have money to give back. You can gather material items from your home – or you can give your time.

Be careful of saying, “Oh, I don’t have any time to help. I’m already stretched to the max.” You know this isn’t always true. It just means that the activity for which we need to make time, isn’t that important. How much time are you spending in your bean-bag chair eating Cheetos and watching game shows? Or swiping through your abusive cell phone?

Think about it.

Now, once you’ve recovered from your “walking with your head down” injury, here are some ways you and your family can help:

  • Gently used clothing and housewares to a local shelter or mission
  • Gently used bedding, towels to animal shelter
  • Cook and deliver a meal if a member of a family in your community is sick
  • Bake cookies or goodies and give them out to anyone in need
  • Crochet hats, scarves, blankets and donate to a shelter or mission near you
  • Grow a garden and donate produce to your local food pantry
  • Sorting clothes and donations
  • Delivering meals
  • Sit with an elderly person, hold their hand and listen to their stories
  • Use your talents and strengths – teach a musical instrument, sing, dance, write, art, sports
  • Mentor a young person or become a Big Brother or Big Sister

  • Clean up an empty lot or park in your area
  • Do yard work, small repairs, or clean for someone who is unable to
  • Collect donations for your local food pantry
  • Take your pets to visit the elderly or handicapped
  • Read to and spend time with children in foster care
  • Take the family to the nearest homeless shelter or mission to help prepare and serve meals
  • You and your family can also volunteer at these places just doing general cleaning and chores.
  • Kids can make cards and decorations labeled with inspirational messages, and then visit your local assisted living or nursing home to hand them out
  • And then there’s the simplest, yet most rewarding of all. It costs nothing, there’s no training necessary and anyone can do it: Give someone a hug, a smile or maybe even just a kind word to make their day.

Walda Woods

Walda Woods spent many years in the corporate world as a mid-level executive in the telecommunications and deregulated energy arenas. She now spends her time as a freelance writer and editor. Originally from Boston, MA, she currently lives in Topeka, KS to be near her family. Her unique blend of personality, humor and values is sprinkled throughout her writings and keeps her audiences coming back for more.

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