Musk Says Tesla Could Bring Puerto Rico’s Power Back Online

Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello will engage in a dialogue with Tesla visionary and CEO Elon Musk about the possibility of Tesla bringing Puerto Rico’s power grid back to functionality after sustaining severe damage from Hurricane Maria.

Musk’s extended his offer via Twitter on Thursday.

Rossello responded on Friday. “Let’s talk,” the Twitter response read, further spurring Musk on with the notion that PR could “be that flagship product” that would allow Tesla to show the world the power and scalability of TeslaTechnologies. 

In late September, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico leaving most of the island powerless under an already pressured economy.

Musk’s energy technologies have been breaking into large utilities markets in recent weeks. Tesla is expanding its reach in the battery industry by signing a new contract with the South Australian government to build the biggest battery in the world after a power outage sank the state into darkness last year. CEO Elon Musk vows to complete the project within 100 days, backing his promise with a confident money-back guarantee.

Tesla won the tender for the installation in July and now, according to South Australia’s Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis, work is on track to flip the switch in two months, when summer season begins in Australia and demand for electricity peaks. 

To power Tesla’s electric car empire, the company has joined hands with Vestas, a top wind turbine manufacturer, to create a storage system that would make power generated from wind useful during quiet days in the jet streams. So far the wind power giant has focused its efforts with European companies, since the governments of the region do not oppose green energy with the same vigor as they do in the United States.

Zainab Calcuttawala  for