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Fixed Price Plans

Fixed rate plans are available in all of our service areas, and remain popular for people who prefer price certainty when it comes to energy costs. Many of our customers prefer fixed price offers because they guarantee that the price they pay each month remains consistent over the entire term of a contract.  This can result in savings and even offer price protection during periods of time where the price of natural gas is increasing.

Variable Price Plans

Variable price plans come with more flexibility in terms of a commitment, but less certainty than a fixed rate because your monthly rate is subject to increase or decrease as the market for natural gas supply rates change. When energy prices decrease, someone with a variable price plan will experience lower rates, while people on a fixed price plan will be locked in at the higher rate. Conversely, if market prices hike up due to emergencies or abnormal weather conditions, the overall price you pay for your natural gas will most likely rise.

As an energy customer in a deregulated market, the type of energy price plan available to you is your choice. It's your decision based on whether you are comfortable with the flexibility of a variable rate or if you would prefer the stability of a fixed rate contract.