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OPEC Edges Closer To Production Agreement

Tesla Closing Down Solar Capacity

EIA: Gulf Of Mexico Oil And Gas Production Remains Strong

Is “America First” Hurting Global Energy Relations?

An Unexpected Carbon Tax Proposal

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EIA now publishes petroleum export data by U.S. region of origin and destination country

Hurricane Irma may cause problems for East Coast energy infrastructure

China To Become Most Influential Player In Natural Gas Markets

EIA study examines the role of high-voltage power lines in integrating renewables

Is the Bright Future of U.S. Natural Gas Under Threat?

NERC’s Summer Reliability Assessment highlights seasonal electric reliability issues

The future of energy depends on its rate of economic growth

The U.S. Remains The Natural Gas King

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Solar and wind continue to fall

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Support For Coal And Nuclear Power Could Harm Natural Gas

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Asia Is Leading The Renewable Energy Race

China is a key destination for increasing U.S. energy exports

Renewables Overtake Coal For First Time Ever In Germany

U.S. Poised To Ease Biofuel Quotas

Natural gas-fired electricity generation this summer expected to be near record high

Houston To Overtake Cushing As Key Hub

PUCO grants hours-of-service relief to motor carriers in support of Hurricane Irma emergency relief efforts

Gazprom’s Next Giant Gas Field

Wind generators’ cost declines reflect technology improvements and siting decisions

Solar Is Surging In U.S. Electricity Generation

How China Will Win The Solar Race

Is This The End Of Diesel Trucks?

U.S. Federal Renewables Subsidies Drop

Houston To Get Its Own Crude Oil Futures As U.S. Exports Rise

Solar surpasses biomass to become third-most prevalent renewable electricity source

Saudis To Supply Sudan With Oil To Help Ease Fuel Shortages

Major utilities continue to increase spending on U.S. electric distribution systems

B.C. Doubles Down On Emission Cuts

BP Admits It Underestimated Renewable Growth

UK Natural Gas Production Falls As Usage Climbs

Halliburton Returns To Q1 Profit On Strong North America Business

IEA: World Is Not Spending Enough On Energy

TransCanada Offers Higher Payments To Keystone XL Landowners

Customer spending on electricity expected to increase this summer

Air conditioning accounts for about 12% of U.S. home energy expenditures

Summer gasoline prices expected to be highest in four years

Is The Solar Industry Really In Trouble?

U.S. Oil Looks To Conquer European Market

Tesla Stock Could Nosedive As Competitors Multiply

China’s projected energy consumption mainly depends on its overall growth rate

EIA’s Energy Outlook adds natural gas and hydrocarbon gas liquids charts

Texas Oil Doesn't Create Enough Jobs

U.S. distillate fuel inventories are low for this time of year

Electricity Reliability Council of Texas surpassed all-time peak hourly load in July

U.S. fuel ethanol production capacity continues to increase

New Document Suggests Shell Knew About Climate Change 30 Years Ago

Price Spike Looms For Natural Gas

BP Bets Big On India

Summer natural gas prices have narrowed between regions

Electricity sales show rate of recovery since hurricanes

In 2017, U.S. electricity sales fell by the greatest amount since the recession

Natural Gas Production in Ghana

U.S. Oil & Gas Exports Hit All-Time High

Duke Energy To Invest $36B In Renewables, Grid Modernization

British Columbia Offers Tax Breaks To LNG Canada Project

BP On Schedule To Drill First Deepwater Mexican Well By 2020

The value of U.S. energy exports to Mexico exceeded import value for third year in a row

Electrified vehicles continue to see slow growth and less use than conventional vehicles

US Northeast states using more natural gas for electricity

Musk: Thousands Of Supercharger Stations Under Construction

Changing energy efficiency and fuel economy standards affects energy consumption

Will $100 Oil Kill The U.S. Economy?

$4 Gasoline Could Cripple The U.S. Economy

Expert Analysis: What’s Next For Russian Oil

Higher Oil Prices Look Likely

The Coal Plant Of The Future

Countries in and around the Middle East are adding coal-fired power plants

United States remains the world’s top producer of petroleum and natural gas hydrocarbons

Is $70 Oil Enough For Shale Drillers?

Canada To Buy Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project

U.S. Oil Companies Look To Skirt Biofuel Quotas

Russia’s Middle East Strategy Explained

Geopolitical Tensions Rise As Iran-Iraq Oil Swap Begins

The United States is a net energy importer from Canada

National average gasoline prices approach $3 per gallon heading into Memorial Day

Gasoline futures prices are below distillate futures prices, rare for this time of year

EIA reports track U.S. crude oil production statistics and trends

Chevron Expects Up To 7% Production Growth In 2018

Supermajors Showing Interest In Greek Oil And Gas

Big Corn vs. Big Oil: The Battle Over Biofuel

Greece Ratifies 4 Leases, Greenlighting Exploration After Two-Year Delay

China becomes world’s second largest LNG importer, behind Japan

White House Pushes Plan To Turn Moon Into Interstellar “Gas Station”

China surpassed the United States as the world’s largest crude oil importer in 2017

California plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030

Canada’s Fort Hills Oil Sands Project Achieves First Oil

Tesla Battles Rumors Of Quality Shortcuts From CNBC Report

U.S. Regulators Keep Keystone Capacity Capped At 80 Percent

Nigeria Approves Petroleum Industry Bill After 17 Long Years

Tesla Begins Mass Production Of Solar Shingles

Norway’s Recovering Oil Industry Resumes Hiring

U.S. gasoline prices increased in 2017

Canada is the United States’ largest partner for energy trade

Solar eclipse on August 21 will affect photovoltaic generators across the country

Monthly renewable electricity generation surpasses nuclear for the first time since 1984

Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions decreased in most states from 2005 to 2015

U.S. And China Agree On North Korea Sanctions Enforcement

Nearly half of all U.S. electricity customers have smart meters

Biomass and waste fuels made up 2% of total U.S. electricity generation in 2016

Growth in global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions expected to slow

Oil And Gas M&A Deal Appetite Highest Since 2013

Saudi Aramco To Invest $300 Billion In Upstream Projects

The Oil Rig Drilling 10 Miles Under The Sea

U.S. Weekly Oil Output Hits All-Time High

House Tax Bill Prefers Fossil Fuels Over Green Energy

Ford Races Ahead Of Detroit's Big Three

Morgan Stanley: Oil Stocks Are Very Interesting Now

China leads the growth in projected global natural gas consumption

Oil Prices Up After API Reports Huge Gasoline Draw

September unplanned global oil supply disruptions fall to lowest level since January 2012

Winter heating costs likely to be higher this winter than last winter

Musk Says Tesla Could Bring Puerto Rico’s Power Back Online

Tesla On Track To Build World’s Biggest Battery

EV Market Gets Another Unlikely Challenger

Kuwait Faces New Oil Leak Near Ras al-Zour

EIA projects 28% increase in world energy use by 2040

U.S. average retail gasoline prices increase in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey adds uncertainty to gasoline prices for the upcoming Labor Day weekend

Seasonal swings in U.S. distillate inventories lower as consumption patterns change

The South China Sea: A Geopolitical Powder Keg

Southern California’s natural gas infrastructure may face constraints this summer

Will Iran Pursue Relations With North Korea?

Energy Efficiency Adds Value To Home Prices

Global LNG trade continues to grow, especially from Australia and the United States

Power marketers are increasing their share of U.S. retail electricity sales

Tesla’s Newest Car Will Have Rocket Thrusters

The Permian Faces A Long Term Natural Gas Crisis

Iran Warns North Korea About The United States

The Next Stage In Perovskite Solar Development

The Fed Is Driving Down Oil Prices

The Last Oil Frontier In The Gulf Of Mexico

Can Oil Pull Greece Out Of Poverty?

Global Energy Consumption Soars To New Heights

Development of Alaska’s ANWR would increase U.S. crude oil production after 2030

3 Possible Outcomes From The OPEC Meeting

Gas Prices Drop to 6 Month Low

Nuclear Plant Closures Will Raise Emissions

USA on Track to be Largest Gas and Oil Producer

Gas Will Be 2nd Largest Energy Source by 2040

Facts about Washington DC

Natural Gas Production Declines

Illinois Goes Green with Starbucks

Facts about Washington DC

Natural Gas Prices Go Negative

Green Power Wins in New Markets

Hydropower Can Help Climate

Facts about Maryland, MA

Oil Prices Drop and Shale Struggles

Delaware – Best places to live

Plan to Cut Emissions to Zero

Reducing Costs Across the Grid with Wind

EV Demand Increases Despite Energy Prices

15 Heartwarming Facts About Pittsburgh Native Fred Rogers

Wind and Solar to be Used to Produce Oil?

New Records for Natural Gas and Oil

POWER-GEN Women in Power

Maryland Towns

All Winners in Power Generation Technologies

Average US Electricity Customer Customer Interruptions

Massachusetts Communities with the Highest Median Household Incomes

Interesting Massachusetts Facts

Natural Gas Prices Increased in 2018

2019 Grid Outlook

Natural Gas Prices Could Fall Further

Rhode Island - Best Places to Live

2018 Coal-fired Electric Generation at its Lowest

Natural Gas Crisis is Being Ignored

Energy Sharing

Natural Gas Prices Increased Beyond Market Expectations

Illinois - Best Places to Live

Energy Experts Are Watching This Hotspot

Solar Inverter Solar Edge Grows

Investors are Turning Their Backs on Coal


Renewable energy is on the rise within electric generating facilities

Gas Prices Fall On Significant Crude Build

Is This A Game Changer For Drones?

Offshore discoveries could increase natural gas production

Leader In Energy

Natural Gas Prices About To Break Out?

Natural gas capacity increases in 2018

The Next Natural Gas Giant

Electric power is expected to remain relatively low

Gas Could Be Biggest Winner

Houston-Galveston becomes a net exporter of crude oil

Texas Exports More Oil

Natural gas pipeline exports increase

Green Energy Innovation with Bitcoin

Is Renewable Energy As Clean As We Think?

Natural Gas Exports from U.S.

Crude oil trade moves through the South China Sea

What drives U.S. natural gas production?

Natural Gas Price Shock

Natural Gas Prices

Texas Production Drops

Natural Gas Soars Despite Output Growth

Texas Versus The Cowboy State

Texas LNG Reaches A Turning Point

Texas Production Continues To Soar

Natural Gas is Increasing

Electricity and Natural Gas Generation in the US

Renewable Energy in the US

Natural Gas Paves the way to Cleaner Energy

Hurricane Florence Affects SW Electric Power

Electricity Sales are Surging

Are Refiners to Blame for Climate Change?

Natural Gas Storage Activity

OPEC export revenues will likely continue to increase in 2018

U.S. households face challenges in meeting energy needs

Hydrogen A Viable Alternative

$100 Oil Is A Distinct Possibility

Electricity prices were the highest since 2008

Like natural gas, coal cycled to accommodate wind power

Hydro and fossil fuels power electricity growth

Electric generation in 2018 remains normal despite above-normal water flow

Natural Gas Doubles in the First Half of 2018

Gulf Coast Imports have Declined

Natural Gas Production, Is it Too Much?

Natural Gas Supply has Increased

Gas Production Increase with Hurricane Path

Solar Energy Prices Drop with New Breakthrough

Renewable Energy Giant

Gas Prices Rose Last Year

Hurricane Michael Shuts Down 40% Of Gulf Of Mexico

Natural Gas Price Increase Hits a Decade Low

Home Heating Bills are to be Slightly Higher this Winter

Wind and Solar Make up at Least 20% of Electric Generation

Natural Gas Storage to Enter Winter at Lowest Levels

How A Carbon Tax Would Be Implemented

The Wind Power Market for 2018

Solar Farms are Back

New York Steps Up Energy Storage

Massachusetts Stores Solar Energy with Non-Electric Battery

Affordable Housing with Solar Energy

Massachusetts Bids for Wind Energy

Wind Energy Gets Help With Drones

Commercial Flights to Mars

Natural Gas Pipeline Bursts

Philadelphia And New Jersey Census Data

Columbus Ohio For the Win

Fun Facts About Ohio

Natural Gas Added by PJM

Dayton Ohio facts

13 facts about Ohio

50 interesting facts about Ohio

The history of Troy, Ohio

Pennsylvania’s Fastest Growing Communities

Pennsylvania Bizarre Facts

15 Heartwarming Facts About Pittsburgh Native Fred Rogers

PJM Collaborates in the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) Market

Measuring Up Each State's Solar Program

Utilities on Alert for Flexible, Dispatchable Solar Generation

Largest Solar Power Plant is Ready to Start Construction

World's Biggest Tidal Stream Project

Dominion Energy Launches Green Bonds Program

Facebook and Google Are Not the Only Ones Buying Clean Power

Clean Energy Drives Ohio Ballots

Edison Gets Approval for Natural Gas Pilot Program

Battery Industry Increases Innovations

Floating Solar Becomes the Norm in the US

Wind and Solar Mircrogrid Gains Attention

Sunflower Farm Being Built in US

Renewable Energy Has Mixed Results in Mid-Terms

Trojan Battery Gets Sold Off

Michigan Plans for $7B Grid Modernization

Electricity is the New Fuel of Choice

Renewable Benefits are Urged to FERC

Winter is Starting with High Propane Prices

Space Heating Accounts for Two Thirds of Home Energy Use

Electricity Choice Program is Declining

Renewable Diesel is Increasing to Meet Carbon Standards

Natural Gas Stocks Are the Lowest in Years

Natural Gas Production Has Increased


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